Underwater Photogtaphy Tokina 10-17 on Sony A6300


Tokina 10-17mm fish eye lens has a very good reputation and is a very sharp lens for underwater photographers. Being an owner of the Sony A6300, I decided to take my pictures to the next level by investing in a metabones adapter with the Tokina 10-17mm fish eye lens.

Some websites have talked about slow focusing speed below 20ft when reviewing the A6300 but this has not been the case for me with the Metabones IV adapter.

I decided to write this review since backscatter.com and others have posted only a few pictures taken with the Tokina. Below is a few pictures






Words of conclusion:

Forget the Sony 16-50mm f3.5-5.6! The latter is made of poor glasses and lacks contrast. Many of my underwater images looked like those from compact cameras. Worst yet – Compact cameras like G7X Mark II deliver better images than the 16-50mm.

Jim Decker from backscatter did not lie about focusing speed with the metabones adapter in his review. It is indeed fast and smooth!

Shoot the Tokina for Close Focus Wide Angle and cool fish eye images. The images from the tokina do look like those from SLR! You will not regret!

Some photographers prefer to go for the Sony 10-18mm which is a very good lens as well. Since the Tokina is a versatile lens providing 100-180degrees in its field of view, not buying it would have been a miss.


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