Sony A6300 For Underwater Photography


This post is about my personal experience with the Sony Alpha 6300 which is an APS-C mirrorless camera. DSLRs are pretty heavy and getting it enclosed in an underwater housing adds much weight but this is not really an issue for some. My main motivation for going mirrorless was less weight underwater.

I bought my A6300 from B&H with the 16-50mm lens kit (though not the best lens) and ordered my Nauticam underwater housing from Backscatter. I personally like the way housings from Nauticam have been designed. They usually come with an in-built leak detector which has an audible alarm and a flashing light. The housing is made from Aluminum compared to Ikelite which is made from plastic material. Ikelite is pretty heavy!


I am using a pair of Inon Z-240 Type 4 and two 12-Inch Ultralight arms. TTL sync speed is 1/130s and requires a delay about 1.3s to trigger the strobes successively. I decided to go manual and got the Nauticam Bulkhead installed and used the Sea & Sea sync cord – this kit allows me to trigger my Inon strobes in manual mode without noticeable delay.

The Pictures

I have read some reviews online and could not find enough pictures shot with the A6300. After a couple of dives I found myself shooting the following:

white leaf fish

red grouper

yellow school of fish
yellow school of fish


soft coral
soft coral

All the above pictures were taken using the 16-50mm lens. According to some people, DSLR quality images can be obtained with the A6300 by using the following lenses:

  1. Tokina 10-17mm Fish eye canon mount with a metabones adapter
  2. Sony 90mm Macro F2.8

I do not own the two lenses mentioned above but they are on my list.

My Conclusion

I love my A6300 kit and the weight is acceptable underwater compared to an Ikelite housing. The pictures/results are acceptable to me but also depend on the skills of the photographer. Your thoughts maybe?