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Internet Banking
Internet Banking

This post is rather related to some rant I want to express. I sold a camera to a guy and he wanted to pay me via bank transfer,more specifically Internet Banking. His bank is The Mauritius Commercial Bank while my account is with State Bank of Mauritius. He authorised and executed the transfer and I was expecting the money to be credited to my account the following business day.

The transfer took place on a tuesday night around 22h and the MCB’s internet transactions use MACS transfer by default.

What is MACS Transfer?

MACS allows the money to be transferred to the beneficiary’s account within 24 hours (excluding week-ends and bank holidays) from the day the transaction occurred.

What actually happened?

I waited two business days and still I did not get my money. The guy was being cooperative while I was losing patience. I phoned my bank and they said it usually takes 1-3 business days and asked me for my account details and told me that they did not notice any internet banking attempt.

The creditor was losing patience as well and then put pressure on MCB so they could give him some details about the transaction.

The results

It turned out that the guy did not key in my full name (he usually never does that and the beneficiary usually gets the money). The money goes to Bank of Mauritius and from there to SBM. The latter completely rejected my transaction and never informed me when I asked. The guy did maximum efforts to get the money on the same day and I was paid with an unbarred cheque.


Rival banks do not co-operate in anyway. My bank even told me that they won’t know the status of the transaction. MCB’s dashboard displayed successful while the money was not transferred. Be advised of the current situation before you launch any Internet Banking transactions.